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Jul 9, 2010 8:00pm EDT
maryland, because bob ehrlich, governor of maryland, chose michael steele to be his running mate, and he will be pilloried because michael steele is being w attacked by every republican, including charles krauthammer. this was the judgment you have, to choose michael steele? >> this does not help barack obama. his poll numbers still sting. >> absolutely. republicans should be rampant, but michael steele has them back on their heels. -- republicans should be trying that, but michael still has them back on their heels. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we changed that this week, and michael steele's distracting is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on it. they have michael steele, they have done better comparing -- they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis to an ant and the congressman who made mistakes -- >> joe barton. >> joe barton -- i don't want to remember -- >> and they have
Jul 9, 2010 12:00pm EDT
if arizona had its own emigration law and california had its own and texas and maryland and maine and all the rest of the states had their own immigration laws. we would cease to be one country and each state would be its own country if they each had their own regulations. >> if the governor of arizona were on this program, her response would be we are only doing what we have done because the federal government have abdicated their responsibility to doing exactly what mr. saenz says that ought to be doing, which is to secure the border and we are only doing it because the federal government has not stepped up. >> there are certainly issues with the immigration laws and regulations. i would probably have different views of the problems, but constitutionally, the remedy for a state like arizona and the governor, who is on satisfied with the program, is to direct the representative of arizona and congress and the senate to change the law, to change the federal regulations. we don't have any self-help provision in the constitution that says if you are dissatisfied with something the feder
Jul 9, 2010 6:00pm EDT
university of maryland. he's a regular commentator on espn and a sports columnist for aol fanhouse and richard deitsch for sports from sports ill stated it thank you both for being with us. kevin blackistone what do you make of the decision? >> well, i was disappoint. i hoped that he would stay in cleveland. i certainly understand his desire and his right to exercise history agency ability. but i think that this was just handled horribly. here was a guy who had a very fine career in the nba, not only on the court but also off it too. he was one of the most beloved players i think in the league and i think that overnight evil anized his personality in the way in which he departed cleveland. he did it from a distance. he seemed to do it coldly, with calculation. and i think that really turned off a lot of people. >> woodruff: richard deitsch how did you see it. >> i agree with kevin. i think its with a cold and callous thing to go on television in sort of a one-hour information, basically saying good-bye to chief and and thanks for the memory. i certainly don't begrudge lebron to go
Jul 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
assistant professor of journalism at the university of maryland, following a 20 year career at "time" magazine, reuters and hearst newspapers. geoff morrell, secretary gates said today these two events were not related, it was not triggered by the mcchrystal flap. but do these two events taken together, the mcgri mcgris-- mcchrystal fee as sow-- fiasco and the new guidelines issuing a new chill between the military and the press. >> we hope not. and we are determined to make sure that does not result from all this. i think it's understandable that in the wake of the mcchrystal incident that there may be some members of the military who may become more reticent, more reluctant to engage in with the press for fear of the consequences. and in the wake of this memo there may be some who overinterpret it, misinterpret it as some sort of clamp-down between our engagement with the press. and that is not the case on either count. we are not trying to throw up barriers. what we are trying to do is create better communication between our building and the press corps and by extension the americ
Jul 6, 2010 6:00pm EDT
maryland state high risk pool before he took his post at h.h.s., estimates as many as 400,000 americans may enroll in the new federally funded program. >> you talk directly to the radiation oncologist. >> reporter: 29 states in the district of columbia will run their own high-risk programs using their share of a $5 billion federal pool of money set aside. 21 others have opted out. in those states h.h.s. will run the pools through a third party administrator. to qualify applicants must be an american citizen, have been denied coverage by an insurer because of a medical condition, and be uninsured for at least six months. for carol, all of this can't come soon enough. right now he's stuck paying out of pocket for her medical care and prescription medication which she estimates totals $8,000 a year. >> for me to see my cardiologist again, i should have another echo cardio gram. that will be $1200. in the back of my mind there's always that fear, you know, if i have a twinge in my heart or one day i might be feeling a little lessener energetic, i'm thinking, oh, god, i hope i'm okay. i hope
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)